June 29, 2003

Max's Pearls of Wisdom

" I want to get married!" Max announced when he was only two years old.
" To whom?" I asked.
" Spiderman!" Max answered with a big smile on his face.
"You are our number one!" I told Max who is going to be four in August.
"No. I am not number one. I am number three! You are number one, mummy is number two and I am number three." He insisted.
" Were you born in Iran?" Max asked me the other day.
" Yes. I was born in Iran." I replied.
"Why?" He asked.
" Well my parents are from Iran." I explained.
" In Iran people say Salam. It sounds like Salami." He said.
" Do you know the capital city of England?" I asked Max.
" No." He replied.
" It is where we live." I hinted.
" London!" He answered correctly.
" Well done. Do you know the capital city of Germany?" I asked him.
" Sch?neb?rg!" He replied.
(Sch?neb?rg is a small village where his grandparents live.)

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