January 04, 2006

The Iranian Job


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A classic not to be missed:

An unemployed Iranian living in London was looking through the job section of the Guardian, and saw that there was a vacancy in the London Zoo. He decides to give it a try. The next day he goes to the Zoo, and presents himself to the Zoo keeper for an interview.

The Zoo keeper informs of the vacancy: "You see we had a Gorilla here, who was very popular with the crowds. Sadly the Gorilla died last week. The crowds have gone away. We made a costume out of the Gorilla's skin. We want some one to wear the costume, and pretend to be a Gorilla. Hopefully that way we can get the crowd back. Can you do the job?"

The Iranian thinks for a while and, says to himself what the hell. So he accepts.

Next day he dutifully turns up for work. He wears the Gorilla skin, and gets into a cage. He starts to behave like a Gorilla. He excels in the job. The crowds return to see the Gorilla in their hordes. He swings from the ropes. He bangs his chest, just like a Gorilla. The crowds love him. Every day he improves his acts.

One day he swings so hard, that he is thrown out of his own cage into the adjacent one. He looks up and finds a Lion in the cage. He is actually in the Lion's cage. He cries out ' Ya hazrat eh Abbas'. To which lion says, ' Agha Shoma ham Irani hasteed? Are you Iranian too? '

>> View larger image of The Iranian Job: where King Kong meets The Italian Job!

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