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February 19, 2020

Early 20th century musicians in Iran


Early 20th century musicians in Iran; retouched and colourised by @arefadib

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February 11, 2020

Spring and all its flowers by Hafez

Spring and all its flowers
now joyously break their vow of silence.
It is time for celebration, not for lying low;
You too weed out those roots of sadness from your heart.

The Sabaa wind arrives;
and in deep resonance, the flower
passionately rips open its garments,
thrusting itself from itself.

The Way of Truth, learn from the clarity of water,
Learn freedom from the spreading grass.

Pay close attention to the artistry of the Sabaa wind,
that wafts in pollen from afar,
And ripples the beautiful tresses
of the fields of hyacinth flowers.

From the privacy of the harem, the virgin bud slips out,
revealing herself under the morning star,
branding your heart and your faith
with beauty.

And frenzied bulbul flies madly out of the House of Sadness
to unite with the flowers;
its love-crazed cry like a thousand-trumpet blast.

Hafez says, and the experienced old ones concur:

All you really need
is to tell those Stories
of the Fair Ones and the Goblet of Wine.

Hafez (1315-1390) - English version by Homayun Taba & Marguerite Theophil

بهار و گل طرب انگیز گشت و توبه شکن
به شادی رخ گل بیخ غم ز دل برکن

رسید باد صبا غنچه در هواداری
ز خود برون شد و بر خود درید پیراهن

طریق صدق بیاموز از آب صافی دل
به راستی طلب آزادگی ز سرو چمن

ز دستبرد صبا گرد گل کلاله نگر
شکنج گیسوی سنبل ببین به روی سمن

عروس غنچه رسید از حرم به طالع سعد
بعینه دل و دین می‌برد به وجه حسن

صفیر بلبل شوریده و نفیر هزار
برای وصل گل آمد برون ز بیت حزن

حدیث صحبت خوبان و جام باده بگو
به قول حافظ و فتوی پیر صاحب فن

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