October 10, 2007

Spreading the word


An email I received today:

Dear Mehrdad,

It's been a long time since we talked - I hope you are doing well!

There's been increased interest in the Enough Fear campaign lately, and we've decided to take the next step in this campaign and start direct conversations between Iranians and Americans. We have designed an action that will link Americans and Iranians who otherwise would never have the opportunity to talk with each other.

Here's a brief description of how the action would work: A simple phone bank, made up of 4-5 old-style red desk phones (like the ones used for direct emergency talks during the Cold War), will be set up in a public space in the US. At the same time, 4-5 house parties will be held in Iran. A phone call from each phone in the US will be placed to a phone at each of the house parties. The phone calls will run continuously for 1-2 hours, and passers-by in the US will be offered the chance to have a 5 minute conversation with one of the people at the house parties. (Each phone in the US will have a translator on the line, as well.)

We've lined up the first volunteer in Tehran to hold a house party, and we're looking for more. Do you know anyone in Iran who you think might be interested in participating in this event? We're open to just about anyone - it could be a family and friends or any other gathering where people would be interested in speaking for a few minutes with Americans. We're not placing restrictions on what people can talk about - we think it?s important to open the lines of communication.

If you'd be willing to spread the word, either through friends or your blog, we'd really appreciate it.

We've also put up some information on this event at www.enoughfear.org/en/call

Nick Jehlen

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