December 24, 2008

Heraclius and Khosrau Parviz


Battle between Heraclius' army and Persians under Khosrau II (Khosrau Parviz)
Fresco by Piero della Francesca, c. 1452
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Archaeologists have just discovered almost 300 gold coins dating from the 7th Century at a dig just outside Jerusalem's Old City. The solid 24-carat coins were under a large rock in a car park. The coins date back to the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Heraclius, before the Persians conquered Jerusalem. The archaeologists believe that the coins were probably hidden by someone fleeing the Persians.

According to Khodadad Rezakhani of, Khosrau II attacked Jerusalem before Heraclius became king. At the time, Phokas was the Emperor, and he had just killed Maurice, the former emperor and a close ally of Khosrau.

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