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April 30, 2004

Vorsprung durch Technik


Azar Nafisi in an Audi ad and Anne Bancroft in the film "To be or not to be".


Nafisi is the Iranian author of Reading Lolita in Tehran. See her here on Audi site.

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April 28, 2004

Republican Look-alikes


Like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kelsey Grammer wants to go into politics when he leaves Frasier. Grammer who describes himself as a ?pro-Bush guy? might run for Senate in California!

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April 27, 2004

George W. Bush


I just couldn't resist making the above picture after reading this article.

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April 16, 2004

Max?s first contribution


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April 15, 2004

1st Anniversary


Today is the first anniversary of this site. It is hard to believe that I have been keeping this site for an entire year. Anyway thank you all for reading and commenting. Here are few of my favourite posts that you might have missed.

Beckham in Tehran
Ebi Road
Slingshot vs Cornershot
Kill Bill
Ghormeh Sabzi in V&A
Moonlight (My version of Abbas Kiarostami's film)

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April 08, 2004

Libyan leader

Don?t miss the official website of Muammar Gadafi. It is packed full of funny stuff.

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April 02, 2004

Don't Ask!

Making sure they don?t miss out on the April 1st fun, Ask Jeeves has revealed itself to users.
In a press release, Ask Jeeves attributed the new look to a "wardrobe malfunction"!

And here is Aref-Adib's version:


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