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February 26, 2006

The Bam Project


A year after the earthquake in Bam, the non-profit organistaion Picture People equipped selected people with Kodak one-time-use cameras to document everyday life as the city tried to rebuild. At the end of 2005, Picture People went back to Bam to follow up the project. Cameras were handed out to some of the original participants while new people were invited to join in.
>> See the project on the Picture People website

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February 24, 2006

Rembrandt-Caravaggio Look-alikes


The 400th anniversary of the birth of Rembrandt is being marked at Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum. For the first time an exhibition is being devoted to two of the greatest painters: Rembrandt van Rijn (1606-1669) and Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571-1610). While the two artists never met, similarities are evident in their paintings such as their theatrical use of light and shade. Rembrandt studied Caravaggio's style with teacher Pieter Lastman, and all three painted The Sacrifice of Abraham. Caravaggio died four years after Rembrandt was born, but his works shows he learned much from his predecessor. The Rembrandt-Caravaggio exhibition runs from today to 18 June 2006.
>> Click here to compare the paintings!

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February 19, 2006

Lool-alike and Quail


Accidental look-alikes!
Dick Cheney thinks they are look-alikes.

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February 17, 2006



I watched all the six episodes of Star Wars with Max. I told him that his favourite character Master Yoda, like all the other Jedis, is Persian. To prove my point I showed him the above picture of a Persian cat and Ostad Yoda - as he is called in Persian.

>> Star Wars: Return from Jeddah!

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February 15, 2006

Two Iranian Writers


Marjane Satrapi in 2004 and Forugh Farrokhzad in 1960s.

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February 09, 2006

The Great Dictator Look-alike


The Great Dictator and the official logo of the German police for the World Cup 2006. Perhaps it is the first own goal!

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My chest x-ray

>> Variations on the same chest x-ray

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February 06, 2006

Aref-Adib goes radioactive


Following the recent trend Aref-Adib.com goes radioactive and NHS passes resolution on it!
I was in hospital for 5 days and had to have radiological scans.
I am recovering well from a chest infection and an asthma attack.

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