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April 30, 2009

Swine Influenza


World Health Organization raises global Swine Influenza epidemic threat to second highest level as numbers of infected continue to rise.

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April 26, 2009


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April 24, 2009

Crouch End 2009

Move the cursor over the image to see what two weeks of sunshine could do!

>> Four Seasons in Crouch End (2006 to 2007)

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April 21, 2009

Wookiees Look-alikes


The Wookiees from Star Wars and Iranian snipers in full camouflage in the Army Day parade

>> Star Wars: Return from Jeddah & Return Of The Jedi
>> Star Wars: Persian cat & Yoda

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April 18, 2009

Colin Powell


The sculpture of former US Secretary of State Colin Powell is based on a photograph taken when he addressed the UN in 2003, making the case for war, and is part of Goshka Macuga's exhibition at the newly redeveloped Whitechapel Gallery.

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April 16, 2009

Magnolia tree

My favourite magnolia tree in Kenwood Park.

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