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August 29, 2009



Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Haircuts!

I spotted this Faravahar look-alike in Finchley Road, North London.

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August 25, 2009

Sanei & Bronson

Grand Ayatollah Sanei & Charles Bronson.
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Grand Ayatollah Yousof Sanei is an Iranian scholar and a senior reformist cleric.

Charles Bronson was an American actor best known for his tough guy image who starred in such classic films as The Magnificent Seven and The Great Escape.

Thanks to Nima Mina for the suggestion.

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August 23, 2009

Contrails over London

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August 21, 2009



Sunflower in vase by Max.

>> View photos of sunflowers in Waterlow park, London

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August 18, 2009

Channel 4

Channel 4 makes some of the best TV idents in the world and constantly tries new ways to display its logo. This one is made entirely of umbrellas!

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August 17, 2009

Street Art in Brussels

Saturday I went to Brussels for a day courtesy of Eurostar.

>> View snapshots of the trip
>> View the Street Art set

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August 11, 2009

Barbari Look-alike


Barbari Bread (a type of flatbread in Iran) and an Achaemenid Administrative Tablet

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August 09, 2009

Tarantino vs Banksy


Quentin Tarantino?s photograph by Phil Fisk & the Banksy's famous Pulp Fiction graffiti painting, which shows characters from Tarantino?s film brandishing bananas instead of guns. The mural had become one of the most famous works by the street artist.

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August 08, 2009

Abbey Road 40 years on


My Iranian version of Abbey Road by The Beatles: Haj Ebrahim Road (Ebi Road) in Tehran.

On the 8 August 1969 -exactly 40 years ago- one of the most imitated album covers was shot in Abbey Road by the Fab Four.

Abbey Road Webcam - You could try to catch people imitating the Fab Four pose!

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The Rhymology


I really like the NYC Rhymology website which offers a colourful glimpses of New York City. David Donnell, the man behind the site, illustrates rhymes by putting two contrasting photos next to each other. The rhymology approach can provide infinite possibilities related to any subject or setting.

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